Our Services

Over the years in the industry, we have gained proficiency in the offering services of heat treatment for steel with utmost efficiency. Heat treatment is better than pack carburizing and salt bath carburizing as it offers various advantages like no pollution, clean operation and flexibility in production programmed.
Our services for Heat Treatment include:
• Gas Carburising
• Gas Carbonitriding
• Through Hardening
• Annealing and Normalizing for Industrial & Automotive Applications, etc.
• Stress Relieving for Various Industrial and Automotive applications,etc.

Inspection & Testing Facilities
To ensure that our customers get the precise and efficient results, as per their requirements and expectations, we have developed a technical quality assurance facility. This facility is managed by a team of experts having extensive experience in the chemical industry.
This facility is integrated with inspection & testing facilities, which possess following equipments:
• C-Scale hardness tester [Rockwell make]
• N-Scale hardness tester [Rockwell make]
• Microscope
• Polishing Machine
• Cut off Machine.

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